Preserve Elmwood Pinewood Cemetery

The Joint Committee to Preserve Elmwood/Pinewood Cemetery (PEP) is committed to ensuring that Elmwood/Pinewood remains a serene, beautiful memorial and an urban oasis for all Charlotteans to enjoy. We welcome the participation of other groups or individuals in this effort.

Respect for the wishes of relatives of those buried must be paramount. We must be ever mindful of the concerns regarding the veneration of Confederate soldiers and the recognition of those who suffered under slavery and segregation.

Our purpose is to preserve this architectural treasure, to return it to its original park-like atmosphere and, to use it as an opportunity to teach future generations about our past.

January, 2006

Preserve Elmwood/Pinewood Update

The railroad is NOT coming through the cemetery!!! CATS and Norfolk and Southern came to an "understanding" regarding track separation, thus eliminating the need to use cemetery land.

Persons interested in more information or receiving a walking tour brochure should contact Lynn Weis at [email protected].

PEP will attempt to gather support for the development of a cemetery master plan. The plan will describe the steps necessary to fund monument restoration and preservation, support community cultural and educational activities, support an on-site caretaker and renovate the gardener's house.

PEP (Preserve Elmwood/Pinewood) is a joint committee formed by Historic Charlotte, Inc. and Friends of Fourth Ward, Inc.

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For more information or to volunteer, please contact:

Lynn Weis
Chair, Preserve Elmwood/Pinewood Committee
(704) 375-6145
[email protected]